Wireless settings for Android

The following instructions provide details for connecting your android smart phone. If you encounter problems connecting to Wi-Fi, you may come to the I.T. Department for assistance (Room 316).

  1. Go to Settings --> Wi-Fi --> Click on Internal (PCA&D's wireless)
  2. For EAP method, select TTLS
  3. For Phase 2 authentication, select PAP
  4. For Identity, enter your username which is the part of your email to the left of the @ symbol.
  5. For Anonymous identity, enter your username again.
  6. For Password, enter your email password.
  7. Click Save
  8. You should connect in 15-30 seconds. A Wi-Fi symbol should appear at the top of your screen. If connection does not occur, check your username and password.

Contact I.T. if you experience any problems with connecting wirelessly.