File server access

Two options for sharing and storage of large files are available.

• One is accessible on-campus from any academic Mac. (This was previously named directory1.)
   To connect:

  • Use the Finder's Go menu and choose Connect to Server or ⌘ + K.
  • The address is afp:// then hit Connect.
  • Enter your account information to connect. Then choose to navigate to your personal storage or to the various shared areas of storage such as 'staff' for submitting work to your instructor. Contact I.T. with questions.

• The second is accessible both on and off campus to all students, faculty, and staff.
   To connect:

  • Use any web browser to visit
  • Enter the same username and password as your PCAD email account.
  • Once you login, use the orange menu near the top for the main functions including upload, delete, download, create folders, search, copy and paste.
  • Sharing is available: select the files and click the Share menu item. The intended recipient will receive an email notification when you click Send. Contact I.T. with questions.

To work with a file on either server, first copy it to your computer and then re-upload when finished (for best reliability and performance.)